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United States Senator for California
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Amazon changed the
world of retail. Before
NAPSTER, a few
powerful record labels
controlled artists,
content, and consumers.
Today we the people
control what we want to
hear and consume.
You need me on the November ballot. California needs a choice. The
country needs this change. That can only happen if I can get a million
votes on June 5th.  
If you supported
Bernie Sanders,
Hillary Clinton,
Or Donald Trump.
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Get the money out
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Gerald (the) Plummer
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New ideas, new media, can change the way we elect our representatives.
It is time for us to do to politics what we've done to the music industry, cable
TV, the networks, etc. Use the tools we control to take control of those who
have had control of us for too long.
HEALTH CARE - Medicare is the most efficient delivery system. It cares
for the sickest part of our population at a fraction of the overhead and
profit of insurance companies. It's time to look at Medicare for all.
IMMIGRATION - I'm not a fan of birth right when it is abused. Nor am I
willing to scrap the immigration lottery system based on bigotry.
GUN CONTROL - If we strictly regulate machine guns, we can seriously look at
doing the same for semi-automatic weapons of war.
ABORTION - The way to have fewer is to have more access to planned
parenthood and birth control, not to take that option away from women.  
RELIGIOUS FREEDOM - It is for all of us. That means, bake the cake and accept
that it is all part of God's great plan to accept, embrace, and love His children, all
of His creation.
TAXES - You want lower taxes? Raise them on the 1% and corporations which
are really in control of the spending. Instead, they were rewarded with huge tax
cuts even after we bailed them out just eight years ago.
EDUCATION - Children are little learning machines. The problems we have today
are how we take away their initial desire to learn and teach them to dislike learning.    
DEFENSE SPENDING - Adding 200 billion to the annual debt isn't for our troops.
It lines the pockets of the Defense industry and does very little for our troops.
CHILDHOOD VACCINATION – In 2011 the Supreme Court decided that drug
companies cannot be held responsible when they design, manufacture, distribute
vaccines that harm children. A complete shield against all liability that protects
corporations and completely ignored the original intent of the law Reagan signed in
1986. This needs to be changed.
ME TOO - We should all respect each other, be mature enough to know where the
line is that should not be crossed. Let's just be careful where we draw that line.
I don't want to be afraid of touching or complimenting.
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