Construction Management - Project Estimating & Technical Writing

Senior Estimator – May 2017 – To Present
Major Construction Developer

Pre-construction estimating – Budgeting from conception through construction of major mall development throughout the United States. Project ranging from
$10 million to $200 million.  

Senior Estimator – May 2016 – To June 2016
Viola, Inc..

Project Estimating – Pre-construction conceptual estimate for “The Point at Riverpark” in Oxnard, CA. Consultant leading a competitive $10 million dollar bid
on a retail project working from conceptual drawings, minimal subcontractor input to win a pre-construction GMP contract.  

Senior Estimator – October 2006 – To October 2015
Swinerton Builders/ Swinerton Management & Consulting, Inc

Project Management & estimating – On site consulting, pre-construction, budgeting, business development & project pursuit team interviews for program
management of school districts throughout the LA area.  Hard bids, Design Build budgets, negotiated GMP’s.  
Projects include but not limited to Delta Airlines, LAUSD, LACCD, San Francisco Unified School District, College of Marin, LA County Bureau of Engineering
projects,  LA City Animal Shelter Bond Program.
Preconstruction, Budget/ Conceptual Estimating college, government, and commercial structures ranging from 5 to 200 million dollars.  Lead estimator on
projects at Delta Airlines, LAX, Virgin America, as well as team member at John Wayne, LA Courts, Glendale schools, Pierce College as part of AA & J Bond
improvements and many others.  Electrical design & construction consultant for The Aerospace Corporation Headquarters building, El Segundo, CA.  
Constructability/ bid-ability reviews.  Change order preparation and negotiation as General Contractor and also change order review as Construction Manager
for wide range of clients.  

Project Supervisor – April 2006 – To October 2006
NewCastle Construction

Project Management – On site supervisor for remodeling and construction General Contractor.  Manage crews and sub-contractors.  Building permits, writing
RFQ’s, ordering materials, scheduling trades, inspections, client interface, understanding all aspects of construction from foundations to the final painting.

Project Estimator – September 2000 – December 2005
Scenery West

Technical Writing - Set a new company standard designing, researching, writing, and publishing Maintenance & Operations Manuals for a multi-million dollar
project---“Texas Wild” at the Fort Worth Zoo.  Defined and delineated operation and maintenance of interactive exhibits, show action equipment, and show set
pieces. All involved electro-mechanical elements.  I am proficient in Word, Excel, and familiar with PhotoShop, AutoCAD 2000 and many other programs.  
Project estimating - I estimated various projects, large ($6.5 million) and small ($25,000) for theme parks, museums, show sets, and casinos.  With my
knowledge of diverse materials and construction methods I put together competitive quotes that regularly put us on the client’s “Short list”.  
I tracked down and met with Vendors and artisans to fine-tune sub-contracts and meet the demands of entertainment projects that always push the envelope
of creativity.  

Consultant Imagineer/ Finish Carpenter – December 1999 – June 2000
Walt Disney Imagineering

Finish carpentry using oak, ash, and other hardwoods to fabricate interiors of a 17th Century Spanish Galleon for Disney Seas, Japan.  I turned huge timbers
and quarter sawn lumber into finished, intricate scenic pieces like deck cannons, captain, officer and crew quarters.  Also worked on California Adventure
Theme Park.  
Proficient with all equipment found in a woodworking mill.  Lathes, planer, jointer, band saws, table saws, miter saws, radial arm saws.  I work with zero
tolerances and deliver parts with accuracy that is less than a 1/32th of an inch off specification.  

Shop Supervisor – October 1996 - December 1999
West Coast Displays

Lead a crew building high-end trade show booths for HITACHI, LEASE PROPHET SOFTWARE, and SEBASTIAN HAIR CARE.  Interpret & check blueprints for
errors, define building methods for skewed, curved, angled, laminated walls, FINE cabinetry with ornate finish moldings.  
I work “hands-on” building proto-type examples or first article production for crewmen to copy.  Experienced in milling, cutting, shaping hardwoods, plexi-
glass, aluminum, steel, etc.  I have done laminating in expensive veneers and metal laminates.  
I am journey level with all shop tools, CNC router table, power saws, miter saw (Compound miters on wood, aluminum and steel.) you name it.  

Producer / Director – August 1996 to February 1997
Write Place Write Time

"Could It Be A Miracle" - Write, Produce, & Direct, 26 one hour episodes of international TV series.  Deal with actors, video crew, atmosphere-extras, company
executives, & the public on location.  

Production Supervisor - 1993 - 1998
Show Technologies, Inc.

Oversee Technical design, construction & installation of Theme Park & Museum attractions world-wide.  Interactive, animated, electronic, and/or mechanical
show-action equipment.  Develop design concepts and prototypes with Senior Engineer.  Check shop drawings before release.  Purchase materials, tools and
equipment for shop.  
Hands on construction and training crews in the use of shop tools and construction methods using Fiber Optics, Fluid Systems, Pneumatics, Hydraulics, -
Water FX, - Machining, Welding, Milling, - Woodworking, Finish Carpentry, Cabinetry, Laminates, - Fiberglass, Vacu-form, and Silicone Molds, Composite
structures, Sculpting, - Electronic and Electrical Assembly, Computer interface programming.  Coordinate crating and trucks for long distance shipping.  Staff
and manage installation crews.  Communicate with clients.  Report directly to General Manager regarding job performance, capital projects, and administrative
Universal Studios Planning & Development - Wakayama, Japan "LASER TECH”.  I built seven (7) interactive Special FX for a Laser tag attraction.  Laser beam
gated doorway, Strobe & smoke FX, Lightning-bolt FX, Flaming fire wall projection, Blacklight FX, and a couple of Intellabeam projector FX.  
Sentosa Heritage Museum - Sentosa Island, Singapore "Festivals of Singapore."  A walk through, interactive museum attraction.  I built Flickering bed of coals,
Faux Fire FX, Burning Joss Sticks, Animated Cloud projectors, Faux (fiber optic) firecrackers, Animated model of Singapore, Interactive touchscreen FX, and 3-
D Fiber optic Fireworks display.  
Lotte World Company - Pusan, Korea - Sky Park Plaza - "Vampire Dark Ride."  Managed the construction of Various rising, morphing, and lumia ghost
projections, Water vapor fog FX, Faux Flaming Caldrons, Pepper's Ghost of Vampire, 120 flaming silk torches, and show action set piece called Spinning
Blades of Death.  
Tianjin Science Center - Tianjin, China.  Manage design and fabrication of animated bed of Nails, Robotic Arm, Animated Bike Man, Bionic Mechanical Hand,
and other FX.  
Taiwan National Museum of Science & Technology - Kaoshiung, Taiwan.  
Manage shop designing and fabrication of Interactive science exhibits including Recombinant DNA, Talking Cell, Genetic Probability Game, Making DNA,
Human & Plant Magnification.  
Universal Studios Florida - Orlando, Florida - "Barney - A Day In The Park."  
Managed construction of Parting Rain Curtain, Scent Cannons, Musical Rainbow, Animated Stage lift, Rain FX, Leaf drop FX, Fiber Optic Star fields, Confetti
Cannons, Fiber Optic Trees, Fog FX.  
Universal Studios Florida - Orlando, Florida - "Islands of Adventure”.  
Managed and built "Dudley Do-Right's Ripsaw Falls" Ramshackle Dynamite Shack, dock, water cannons, fiber optic FX and false pyrotechnics.  "The
Adventures of Spider-man" built the Levitating Crate, Levitating Statue of Liberty, Falling Bridge, Swinging Ladder, and Animated Garbage Truck with
integrated audio-visual cartoon characters.  Designed and built the first test mock-up for the falling buildings.  

Project Manager / Vice President - 1988 – 1993
Midwest Asbestos Control, Inc.
Kansas City, Kansas 66106
Project management, design & supervision of crews.  Marketing, estimating, & negotiating contracts for environmental remediation projects throughout the
USA.  Projects included Kansas City International Control Tower, many public and private schools, Industrial sites for Proctor & Gamble, Phillips petroleum
and many others.  
Technical writing – involved all facets of business.  Writing job specifications manuals defining highly technical operations during remediation and
construction projects.  Writing contracts for industrial demolition and remediation.  Writing company policies, safety manuals, ISO/ TQM policies, drug policies,
tool & equipment policies.  Responding to RFP’s, RFQ’s, RFI’s, and closing contracts.  All this TECH WRITING was for schools, government & major industrial

Project Foreman - 1988 - 1989
Setefx, Inc.
Hollywood, Ca. 90028
Shop Foreman. Supervision of crews building attractions & scenery for Disneyland, Miss U.S.A. & other TV shows. Managed crew assignments, purchasing,
interface with clients, supervise site installation.

Associate Professor - 1983 - 1985
California State University, Northridge
Northridge, Ca. 91330
Teaching stagecraft & lighting. Stage and set design.  Scenic construction, painting techniques (texturing, marble, wood grain, etc.), Stage hardware, Lighting
instruments and controls, running a show; construction, use of tools, nuts 'n bolts & safety. I smoothly coordinated over 60 student theatrical productions on
3 stages.  

Power Plant Technician – 1981 - 1982
City of Glendale, California
Glendale, California 91605
Lab analysis - Testing and treatment of water quality for steam generating plant.  Included conductivity, titration, pH, extraction, bacterial cultures.  
Electronic maintenance – Calibration and trouble-shooting of instruments, gauges, and filtering systems throughout the plant.  

Lab Technician – R & D / Quality Control – 1980 - 1981
McCloskey Varnish Company.
Los Angeles, California
Quality Control – Production line weights and measures for packaging gallons, quarts, and pints of varnishes and other coatings. Analytical testing of
production lines to meet specifications: specific gravity, viscosity, volatility, moisture content, color, etc. Testing of raw materials included extractions, Gas
Chromatography, titration, pH, and color.  
Research & Development – Develop water based coatings for the varnish industry.  Polymers, Urethanes, Alkyds, Resins, etc.  Synthesis of small (2-5 liter)
batch samples for testing.  Organic synthesis chemistry taking extensive notes so successful batches could be repeated in LARGE-scale production.  

Lab Technician – Quality Control – 1978 - 1981
Purex Chemical Company
Omaha, Nebraska
Quality Control – Production line weights and measures for packaging bar soaps. Analytical testing of production lines to meet specifications: Bulk density,
pH, moisture content, color, appearance, fatty acid, Testing of raw materials included, extractions, titration, pH, color.  

Lab Technician – Quality Control – 1972 - 1977
Farmland Industries.
Saint Joseph, Missouri
Quality Control – Production packaging weights and measures. Analysis of agricultural pesticides, herbicides, antifreeze and detergents. Titration, Gas
chromatography, UV, IR, extractions, pH, specific gravity, and many other analytical methods. Some of the products included malathion, parathion, 24-D weed
kill, 245-T wood kill (AKA agent orange), Atrazine, Thimet, and Ramrod.  

Service Technician & Mechanic
S & H Standard Oil Service Station – 1969  - 1972
Peake’s Service Station – 1965 - 1968
Clark’s Service Station – 1965 - 1965
All in Saint Joseph, Missouri
Pumped gas, washed windows, checked under the hood, etc. Fixed flats, made AAA road service calls, Tune-ups, oil changes, basic maintenance, trouble
shooting, engine diagnostics, and mechanical auto repair.

Bachelor of Arts-------------------------------- Missouri Western State University

Master of Arts (27 units) --------------- California State University, Northridge

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Construction Management - Project Estimating & Technical Writing
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